Is Alexhost Legit? Read Before Buying From 2023

Is Alexhost Legit

This article will answer the question “Is AlexHost Legit?” as well as provide a detailed review.

No business or startup can function effectively in the twenty-first century without an online presence, which includes a domain name and dedicated hosting. But due to the proliferation of many hosting companies, it’s becoming a bit difficult to find a hosting company that is reliable with at least 97% uptime.

Research has shown that having a dedicated hosting provider for your e-commerce, blog, or business website is the first step to profiting from business operations. Well, Alexhost has proven to be one of these dedicated hosting services.

Alexhost is a dedicated hosting and domain service company that provides over 97% uptime for your website with 24/7 customer support for its customers. It is ideal for small, medium, and large businesses. 

So today, I’ll review and tell you everything I know about it and my experience buying a domain and hosting with Alexhost. I hope that in the end, this will help you shape your decision about whether Alexhost is legit, reliable, safe, or a scam.

Is Alexhos Legit

Alexhost is a legitimate domain seller and hosting provider that employs six high-security dedicated servers, including Full Root Access, SSD Disk Drives, 1 Gbps Network, IPv6 Support, and Unmanaged, to make sure that every domain hosted on its servers has 100% uptime and 0% downtime.

Alexhost has been providing excellent domain name sales and hosting services to thousands of customers scattered across North America and Europe for over 15 years now.

Alexhost has attracted both small and large businesses to their hosting services by offering some of the best pricing in the industry.

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 The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you didn’t find the server you wanted or the service wasn’t good enough for you, within 30-days

Contact them and your money will be refunded in full.


  • six unbeatable dedicated servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • affordable pricing when compared to others.
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Excellent customer support services


  • Hardware changes can cause changes in securing payments.
  • Only one static IP is given.

Satisfactory Trustpilot  reviews

Here is what customers are saying about AlexHost on Trustpilot:

Another set of happy customers 

Yet other happy customers

Alexhost Contact

  • + (373) 22 87-87-87
    • Strada Constantin Brâncuși 3, Chișinău 2060, Молдова
    • Chisinau
    • Moldova

What is AlexHost?

What is AlexHost?

AlexHost Servers is a professional, fast (with SSD), and low-cost offshore hosting provider that is based in Chisinau, Moldova. You will be provided with

  • Own DataCenter
  • Reliability
  • Security & Safety

In fact, AlexHost is known as one of the hosting services that offer high-quality services that protect freedom of speech and privacy.

The company doesn’t joke with customers’ privacy and always takes your privacy seriously.

AlexHost Service Categories

There are three main categories of services provided by AlexHost. They include:

  • Business Networking Company
  • VPN Service
  • Web hosting company

5 Reasons to Purchase and Host with AlesHost

Here are the top five reasons why you should host with

1. Reliable And Trustworthy Hosting

One thing you can’t take away from this company is the reliability of its servers and the transparency of every activity in the company.

You will get reliable and helpful customer support in the event that you run into issues you can’t solve on your own. Many people like this company because they’re faithful and they keep their word.

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2. Dedicated Servers

Every website owner wants to see their website at 100% uptime. With AlexHost’s six dedicated servers, you’re sure that your website will have 100% uptime and very fast servers as well.

Fast servers are another thing you can’t take away from this company. So if you have decided to buy from them, I say congratulations to you.

3. Safety and Security

Alexhost also provides you with SSL that cannot be compromised or hacked. So when you buy from and host with Alexhost, you’re sure of your website’s safety and security.

Again, for safety and security, I will recommend that you host with Alexhost.

4. Affordable Pricing

The best price you can find in the industry across the United States and Europe is at Alexhost. 

With its affordable hosting and 100% uptime services, as well as your safety and security, I believe Alexhost has it all for you.

Yes, you get the best bang for your buck. 

My Verdict on AlexHost Reviews

Alexhost is a 100% reliable, safe, and customer-friendly web hosting company based in Moldova. You can feel free to buy your domain and hosting from AlexHost without worrying.

I hope this AlexHost review has helped you better understand how legitimate is. If so, tell us how you feel in the comment section.

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