Is Flight Club Legit? Read Before You Buy From FlightClub 2023

Is Flight Club Legit?

Everyone loves sneakers and shoes for everyday use, whether for sports, going to work, going to parties, or a variety of other important uses. Unfortunately, finding a supplier of quality sneakers, especially from an e-commerce store, has become a herculean task.

Fortunately, fight club shoes have come into the system to fill the gap between the supply of fake shoes and quality shoes since 2005.

 However, many people who are unfamiliar with fight club shoes are still unsure whether flightclub is a legitimate retailer or a scam. 

Flight Club is a legitimate and reliable e-commerce site that has been engaged in the sale of different brands of shoes since 2005. The company is based in New York City but has its major shoe suppliers in China.

So, in today’s Flight Club shoe reviews, I’ll tell you everything I know about the company and my experience purchasing Adidas sneakers from them so that you can decide whether Flight Club is legit, reliable, safe, or a scam. 

Is Flight Club Legit

Yes, Flight Club is a 100% legitimate, reliable, and safe eCommerce retailer that uses an authentication program to protect buyers from being scammed by unscrupulous sellers. The company deals in shoes and sneakers and also sells new and used shoes.

The company started in 2005 and operates as a marketplace, where sellers list their shoes on the platform for sale.

They’re a marketplace where many sellers come to sell their products, making it possible for some wicked sellers to find their way in and smuggle in fake shoes.

As a result of that, Flight Club has put in place measures like authentication and a full money-back refund policy to protect buyers from being scammed in any transaction carried out on the platform.


  • Vast experience in the sneaker business. Over 15 years of experience
  • A large inventory of sneakers to purchase.
  • Consistent discounts for specific brands of sneakers


  • Customer support is not very effective.
  • The return policy is also not very effective.
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Excellent Reviews On Trustpilot

Is Flight Club Legit?

To further show how legit and reliable the company is in terms of delivering high-quality shoes as well as excellent customer support. 

The image shows the excellent reviews for Flight Club from real and satisfied customers.

As I mentioned previously, some people may still have reservations about the company because of bad experiences caused by a few unscrupulous sellers.

 But the overall rate is excellent in terms of speedy delivery.

What Is Fight Club Shoes?

Flight Club Shoes is an e-commerce retailer that sells various brands of sneakers. The company was established in 2005 in New York City and has engaged in the business of selling sneakers and other types of shoes.

The company operates as a marketplace where sellers that deal in sneakers and shoes come to list their products for sale. It’s important to note, that Flight Club sells both used sneakers and brand-new sneakers.

You can rely on the Flight Club Sneaker Store for any kind or brand of shoes you may want for your next party or vacation.s

Does Flight Club Sell Fake Shoes?

No Flight Club sneaker store doesn’t sell fake shoes, however, just like every marketplace, some unscrupulous sellers will find a way to smuggle fake products at the expense of the buyers.

So Flight Club understands this and has put in place certain measures to curtail, discover, and remove fake shoes from its listings.

Do not be afraid to buy from Flight Club, because its authentication policy will protect you from buying fake shoes. 

In fact, the authentication policy ensures that no fake shoe is listed and sold on the platform.

Is Flight Club A Legit Website?

Yes, is a 100% legitimate website that deals only in sneakers and shoes. The company has been in the business of selling sneakers for the past 15 years.

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So no e-commerce company can do better than Flight Club in the U.S. when it comes to selling sneakers and shoes. Its experience in the industry speaks for itself.

Is Flight Club Reliable?

Yes, Flight Club is reliable and trustworthy to buy your next pair of sneakers. The New York-based e-commerce company has to follow the rules of the state when it comes to doing business.

You can trust this company when it comes to selling high-quality sneakers and shoes.

 All sneakers ordered through the platform must pass through the authentication process before being shipped to the buyer.

Fight Club Sneakers

Flight club sneakers, as they are fondly called, are the sneakers listed and sold on the flight club platforms. You can find all the Flight Club sneakers at

Is It Safe To Buy From Flight Club?

It’s absolutely safe to buy from Flight Club; the company uses an authentication program to ensure that all transactions made on the platform are safe and secure.

So you can shop and order your next sneaker from the New York-based e-commerce site with complete confidence.

Does Flight Club Sell Real Shoes?

Yes, the shoes listed on Flight Club are real. In fact, the company has a mechanism to ensure that only real and quality shoes are listed for sale on the platform.

5 Reasons You Should Buy From

Here are the top five reasons why you should shop at

1. Trustworthy and Reliable

Flight Club has been in operation since 2005 and is still going strong. So for this reason, people across the United States, Europe, and North America have built trust in the company.

You will be sure to get your purchased items within 11 days from the date of purchase. 

The company has built trust over the years, and I’m sure trust and reliability are not things you can compromise on when shopping online.

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2. Quality Sneakers For Young And Old

If you want to get value for your money when you buy sneakers, the Flight Club is your one-stop shop for high-end shoes. Quality can never be taken away from this company.

Again, trust this company for quality. I’m sure everyone wants to show off quality designers.

3. Authentication

The company’s founders set up the authentication program on purpose to make sure that customers don’t get shoes that are broken or not up to par.

What this program does is that, when a buyer makes an order, the shoes will be shipped first to the authentication center, where the staff will compare them with the description of the shoes as listed on the website.

This process must be completed and passed before it is shipped to the buyer.

4. Reliable

Flight is one of the most trusted and dependable e-commerce sites in the country. No one wants to buy from a seller who is not reliable or trustworthy with his or her promises.

5. Excellent Reviews And Positive Feedback

Reviews are the opinions of other people who have used a particular product or service. 

Flight Club reviews across top review websites like Trustpilot show that the company is a place you can always buy your sneakers.

My Verdict on Flight Club Reviews

Flight Club Sneakers is a 100% reliable, safe, and customer-friendly shoes and different sneakers online retailer based in New York City. 

It was founded in 2005 and has been operating as a shoe market since then. You can trust the company for quality sneakers.

I hope this Flight Club review has helped you better understand how legitimate is. If so, tell us how you feel in the comment section.

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