Is Shein Legit?:Read Before Buying From Shein 2023

Is Shein Legit?

This article will answer the question “Is Shein Legit” as well as a comprehensive Shein review

Everyone wants to shop for quality clothes at a very low cost, and ultimately on a safe and reliable website. Regrettably, it’s often very difficult to come across an online store that is scam-free, cheap, and safe.

Fortunately, the clothing store provides high-quality clothing at a low cost that is also reliable and safe. You can shop on Shein’s website with peace of mind, as all your purchases are covered by 100% buyer protection.

So today, I’ll review and tell you everything I know about it and my experience buying event tickets with Shein, to help you shape your decision about whether Shein is legit, reliable, safe, or a scam.

Is Shein Legit?

Yes, Shein is a legitimate online fashion store that uses on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers. The Chinese-based company sells high-quality and cheap clothes for women, kids, and men.

Shein has been delivering top-notch service since 2008 without a single complaint of a scam.

Shein is the biggest online clothing store in the world right now. It earned more than $20 billion in fashion sales in 2022. Shein is currently valued at $100 billion after its funding round in April 2022.

Shein uses different internal programs and policies to ensure its customers don’t get scammed or shortchanged. So Shein’s clothing store is 100% legit, reliable, and safe.

 Note: Some people might still have one or more complaints about Shein, which is normal because it’s very difficult to please everyone. However, no single person has ever complained of being duped or receiving a dress of lesser quality.


  • It deals in quality clothes.
  • The shipping time is relatively short.
  • All stocks have low prices.
  • 50% off for all purchases and 60% off for multiple purchases


  • It primarily deals with women’s clothing.
  • The return policy is very poor.

What is Shein?

Is Shein Legit:

Shein Clothing is a global fashion and lifestyle online store that makes fashion accessible to everyone across the globe. The giant clothing store uses on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers to its busy supply chain, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shein’s policy of not wasting inventory has made it possible for the company to sell a wide range of cheap clothes to customers in different parts of the world.

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The company serves customers in over 150 countries from our international warehouse and global offices.

Shein app for easy shopping

The Shein app was designed with an easy and friendly interface. It gives you the freedom to shop for designer clothes on the go. Shein has an app for both Android and iOS devices.

You can download the apps from the following links or through their respective stores:

Shein Clothing Categories 

The inventory on the Shein clothing website is categorized into five (5) major shelves. It includes:

  1. Shein women
  2. Shein curve
  3. Shein men
  4. Shein kids
  5. Shein beauty

1. Shein women

The women’s clothing shelf features a collection of women’s dresses as well as trending fashion for women, new arrivals, and a women’s style gallery. Check out the Shein Women collection

2. Shein Curve

The Shein Curve and Curve+ Plus are filled with Curve Classic outfits for women as well as many new and high-quality designs. Check out the Shein curve collection. 

3. Shein men

The Shein Men shelf is loaded with quality men’s designers, but you can never find anything, 

All purchases on Shein Men come with a 50% discount and a 60% discount if you shop for three or more clothes. Check out the Shein men’s collection. 

4. Shein kids

Shein Kids’ inventory is equipped with beautiful and quality clothes and dresses for kids. 

Your children will not run out of fabulous designers if you buy from Shein Kids. The kids’ dresses are very cheap without compromising quality. 

Like other SheIn shelves, you’ll receive a 50% discount on all purchases and a 60% discount if you buy 3 or more additional items. Check out the Shein kid’s collection. 

5. Shein beauty

There are many high-quality makeup favorites and cosmetic products on the Shein Beauty shelf, such as 

  • Makeup brush
  • Makeup tools
  • lips
  • Hair care 
  • eyeliner
  • eyelashes
  • fragrances 
  • and more

Where Is Shein Located?

Shein is a Chinese-based online fashion retailer in  Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province of Eastern China. Shein operates as a fashion e-retailer and uses on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers.

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Though the international warehouse for Shein is in China, its headquarters are located in Singapore.

The company is based in China but is currently shipping to 220 countries around the world. In 2022, Shein was ranked as the world’s largest fashion e-retailer.

The giant fashion retailer was valued at USD 100 billion after a funding round in 2022.

 5 Reasons You Should Buy From Shein 

Here are the top five reasons why you should buy your clothes from 

1. Trustworthy And Legitimate Website

Shein has been in operation for the past 14 years without any form of ripoff or scam. Despite the fact that some people may have one or more complaints due to late delivery,

No single customer has complained of a financial scam or getting lesser quality cloth than what they ordered.

2. Quality Designers For Men And Women

All the clothes and beauty products listed on the Shein website are high-quality products. 

This is because Shein uses on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers to its busy supply chain, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Cheap Products

Shein connects directly to manufacturers for all clothes and beauty products it sells on the website. You’re sure to buy all items at wholesale prices from the Shein store.

So if you want quality designers at a low price, visit the Shein stores at

4. Reliable

You can trust Shein for all your orders; you will get exactly what you order. 

In fact, I’ve been using Shein for my ladies’ wear drop-shipping business for the past 8 years without any problems.

5. Trustpilot Satisfaction Rating

Is Shein Legit:

Trustpilot is one of the world’s largest review sites, trusted by buyers around the world to get real information from experienced users. On Trustpilot, Shein got a satisfactory rating from users across the globe.

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

Shein clothes are so cheap because the company gets its clothes directly from manufacturers in China, where it also operates.

 It’s much cheaper to produce anything in China, including clothes, beauty products, home appliances, etc., than it is in the United States.

Because Shein’s suppliers are based in China, where production is cheap, it can afford to set lower prices than other clothing brands can in the U.S.

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Who Owns Her?

Shein was founded by Chris Xu in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, in 2008. The company was originally named ZZKKO. 

In the early stage of Shein in 2008, the company was more of a drop-shipping business than an online retailer.

It was also well-known for selling low-cost clothing, which fueled its expansion into global online retail stores and consequently made it the world’s largest fashion e-retailer.

Is Shein Good Quality?

Yes, Shein sells good-quality clothes at a very low price because all of its suppliers are large clothing manufacturers from China. So you can be certain to get a wholesale price for all your purchases.

This is where people go wrong with Shein; many people believe that because Shein sells cheap clothes, they must be produced with lower-quality materials.

Shops Like Shein

If you’re looking for an alternative to Shein, where you can also buy cheap and high-quality clothing, check out the sites listed below.

Here are the top 10 shops like Shein

  1. Amazon
  2. RoseGal
  3. Boohoo
  4. Aliexpress
  5. Romwe
  6. Wish
  7. DressLily
  8. PrettyLittleThing
  9. Zaful
  10. FairySeason


Is Shein A Scam?

No, Shein is not a scam, the company has been in operation since 2008. and has grown into the world’s largest fashion online retailer. It is currently valued at $100 billion after its financial roundup in 2022.

Is Shein Bad?

Shein is not bad, scammy, or fake. In fact, Shein is the most reliable fashion retailer across the globe. About 100% of the clothes sold in the U.S. market were shipped from the Shein store.

Is Shein Safe

Yes, Shein is completely safe and reliable for purchasing high-quality clothing at low prices. Shien has gotten very good and satisfactory Trustpilot reviews.

My Verdict on Shein Clothing Reviews

Shein Clothing is a 100% reliable, safe, and customer-friendly fashion online retailer based in China. You buy your clothes and beauty products from Shein without worrying.

I hope this Shein review has helped you better understand how legitimate is. If so, tell us how you feel in the comment section.

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