Is StockX Legit: Read Before You Buy From StockX 2023

Is StockX Legit

Everyone attempting to make online purchases encounters some mixed feelings at some point and wants to know whether the website they’re buying from is legit or a scam.

Regrettably, the internet cannot be free of scams, and is not an exception. Hence the reason you’re searching for StockX reviews—to know if StockX is legit or not before you make an order.

StockX is a reputable online retailer of high-quality shoes and sneakers that uses multiple authentication processes to ensure that buying and selling are carried out safely on the website, so it s 100% legit.

So today, I’ll review StockX, and tell you everything I know about it and my experience buying sneakers and shoes with it, to help you shape your decision about whether is legit or not.

Is StockX Legit?

Yes, StockX is 100% legitimate and trustworthy online retailer that uses multiple authentication methods to ensure the security of all transactions conducted on the platform. StockX is a U.S.-based online e-commerce startup with headquarters in Detroit. was founded in 2015 by four gentlemen, namely Chris Kaufman. Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Dan Gilbert

The goal of these business geniuses was to shake up the shoe business in the US, with a big focus on the resale market for sneakers. 

7 Reasons You Should Order From

Here are the five reasons why you should make your purchases through the StockX resale platform:

1.  Reliable Stockx Shoes

Is StockX reliable? is a frequently asked question. To put it bluntly, StockX is a highly reliable platform that makes use of both technology and human authentication to ensure the safety of all transactions done on the platform.

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Because of the system’s numerous and stringent checks, it is extremely difficult for anyone to cheat it. And all your transactions are safe and secured.

2. StockX Authentication

Here, the product authenticator checks to see what kinds of materials were used to make the item being looked at and ensures it matches every detail listed. 

This procedure is similar to two-factor authentication on a website or mobile app.

3. Positive StockX Reviews

The positive StockX reviews across all platforms, including Trustpilot reviews, speak volumes about how legit the platform has been since 2015 when it was first launched.

With this high level of positive reviews, you are sure to buy your next pair of shoes on a trusted platform with no issues.

4. Original Shoes

People often ask whether StockX sells fake products. Simple answer: No, StockX doesn’t sell fake shoes.

All products listed on the platform are subjected to rigorous authentication before they are allowed to be listed on

Fake products will barely make it through the authentication process to qualify to be listed. StockX uses its own authentication process to filter out fake products.

It’s near impossible for fake products to make it to the listing without being detected. Even if a fake product makes it to the shelf, it will be removed as soon as it is discovered.

5. Accepted StockX Payment Methods

StockX accepts virtually all American-issued debit and credit cards as an e-commerce store. It also accepts PayPal payments as well as Google Pay, Alipay, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc.

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In addition to having a number of ways to pay, the platform is very safe and uses advanced security and technology to keep your information from being stolen.

6. StockX’s Shipping Policy

StockX’s shipping policy is a bit long and restrictive. This policy is a last-ditch effort to protect buyers.

Both the seller and the buyer pay for shipping costs for any product going outside the United States.

If the seller is located in the United States, only the buyer is responsible for paying the shipping costs.

Because of the two-factor verification and authentication, new product shipping takes between 7 and 12 days.

7. StockX’s Return Policy

StockX does not accept returns from customers who have received their orders. However, this doesn’t mean that the company has completely ruled out the option of returns.

You have the option of listing the item as a return on stock X. And since it has passed verification and authentication, you will not have an issue selling it on the platform.

However, you lose the initial shipping cost of the item.

My Verdict For StockX Review

Based on my experience with StockX, the platform is 100% legit and reliable for anyone who wants to shop on the Detroit-based e-commerce store


This review covers everything you should know about StockX and the 7 reasons why you should be confident while buying your next pair of sneakers through StockX.

Finally, is StockX reliable? Yes.  Are StockX shoes real? Yes. Does StockX sell fake shoes? No

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