Is Vivid Seats Legit? Read Before Buying From Vivid Seats 2023  

Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Everyone has a favorite sport or social activity that they may want to go to and enjoy with their family or friends. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable ticket resellers who sell authentic tickets for these events.

Regrettably, the proliferation of hundreds of online ticket resellers has caused fans to question the legitimacy of Vivid Seats tickets, whether they’re genuine or a mere scam website.

Vivid Seats is a reputable ticket reseller that uses a program called “event ticket protection” to reimburse fans 100% of their tickets if something happens and the game is canceled or moved. This program makes all transactions on the website safe and 100% legitimate.

So today, I’ll review Vivid Seats and tell you everything I know about it and my experience buying event tickets with Vivid Seats, to help you shape your decision about whether is legit or not.

Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Yes, Vivid Seats is a 100% reliable and trustworthy ticket sportier and event ticket seller that uses an event ticket protection program to make sure that all ticket sales on the platform are real and not fake. 

Vividseats’ reliability is rated highest by Americans who use the platform to purchase sporting and event tickets.

To reiterate its legitimacy, Vivid Seats also has in place a buyer’s guarantee to ensure that scams and other illegal activities are prevented, and it provides safe and secure transactions.

In the last few years, Vivid Seats has formed partnerships with dozens of top and global brands, like ESPN, the University of Tennessee, Rolling Stone, and the Los Angeles Clippers, in order to better serve fans.   

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Vivid Seats is a legit, reliable, and trustworthy ticket exchange website that has been around for more than a decade and has had few to no complaints about scams.

On its track record, Vivid Seats has sold out over 1,000,000 tickets for sports, theater, and concerts in the United States since it started in operation in 2001.

On two separate occasions, the company was recognized and listed by Newsweek magazine as one of the best customer support startups in the United States.    

What Is Vivid Seats

Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Vivid Seats is a U.S. third-party sports and events ticket resale exchange that sells sports, theater, concert, and other event tickets to fans so they can attend events.

Vivid Seats was launched in 2001 and operates similarly to Ticketmaster and StubHub. The company’s website’s simple interface made it easy for anyone to search for tickets, events, and concerts.

VividSeats does not only sell tickets but also allows customers to buy tickets and sell their tickets on the platform.

To ensure that you get your ticket faster, Vivid Seats uses different forms of shipping to get your ticket directly to you.

You can select the most convenient shipping method, such as:

  • e-ticket for mobile delivery
  • Electronic transfer
  • AXS Mobile ID
  • Email delivery
  • Traditional shipping
  • Special delivery 

All tickets listed for sale on must be for U.S. events and must meet all standards set by Vivid Seats.

The website is a safe and secure marketplace where anyone can find ticket buyers.

 6 Reasons You Should Buy From Vivid Seats 

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Here are 6 reasons why you should trust and buy your tickets from Vivid Seats:

1. Vivid Seats Fees And Delivery

Vividseats does not charge a fee to list your ticket for sale; however, like every other ticket exchanger, it charges a 10% commission on all ticket sales on the website.

The 10% fee includes the shipping cost of the ticket as well as a service fee. The buyer, not the seller, bears the cost of delivery and service fees.

2. VividSeats Rewards

Vivid Seat has a reward program that lets buyers earn credit on their ticket purchases through their mobile app. You can download this app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

As part of its reward program, it also offers 15% off tickets above $100 for new customers.

3. Secured Payment

Having your payment information secured is one thing nobody wants to compromise. If you buy from VividSeats, your information is secure and safe.

Vividseats offers a safe and secure payment and checkout process.

4. Buyers’ Ticket Protection Program

With this program, if the event for which you bought a ticket is canceled, you can get your money back in full.

Secondly, the company promises a fast delivery of your ticket, and if for any reason the ticket didn’t get to you before the game started, you will also receive a full refund.

All of these factors—and more—make purchasing from risk-free, secure, dependable, and trustworthy.

5. Vivid Seats Customer Service

Vivid Seat’s customer service is unique in that it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to resolve any challenge you may have in selling or buying the platform.

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In fact, Newsweek’s list named the company the “best customer company” in America in 2020 and 2021.

6. Options for Vivid Seat Complaints

Here are the complaint options for

Call the toll-free number at 833-228-5143 for emergencies and complaints. Vivid Seats has a 24-hour customer service phone number.


You email them through the website contact form, and they will surely get back to you within two business days.

4 Alternatives to Vivid Seat in the U.S.

The Four main alternatives to Vivid Seats for third-party ticket exchange are as follows:

  1. StubHub
  2. SeatGeek
  3. Ticketmaster
  4. TickPick

My Verdict For Vivid Seats 

Vivid Seat is a reliable, safe, and customer-friendly ticket exchanger based in the United States. You buy and sell your ticket without worrying.


Is Vivid Seats Reliable?

Yes, Vivid is a 100% reliable, safe, and trusted ticket exchange that uses a buyer ticket protection policy to protect its customers from all tickets sold and bought on the website.

Is Vivid Seats A Scam?

No, is not a scam ticket resale website. It has been in operation since 2001 with few or no complaints of scams or illegal activities.

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