Is Wenxuecity Legit Or A Scam? 

Is Wenxuecity Legit Or A Scam? 

WenxueCity is a Chinese-language news and entertainment website aimed at Chinese ex-pats and those who work or study overseas, particularly in the United States and Canada.

It uses reports from Radio France Internationale, Visual China Group, and China Network Television, among others, as well as rumors and editorials about China, North America, and the rest of the world.

Reviews And Rankings

Unfortunately, wenxuecity does not have any customer reviews. Even if the domain isn’t widely known, it might still be a good investment in the long run.

According to 2013 statistics, Wenxuecity ranks 2,531 globally and 810 in the United States regarding search engine traffic volume.

Every 30 days, there are more than 2 billion page views and close to 3 million unique visitors. A whopping 9 out of 10 of the 3 million unique users are repeat customers. 

Is Wenxuecity Legit Or A Scam? 

Based on research, it appears that the majority of people have had a poor experience with this website.

Negative reviews might seriously tarnish Wenxuecity’s image. A decline in website traffic and penalties from search engines may occur as a result. 

However, Transco has assigned a popularity score to this Wenxuecity, indicating that it is well-liked.

It’s a positive indication if you’re high on Transco’s list. In addition, the website receives a large number of visitors. As a result, this site has been linked to several other websites; this is a positive development.

Final Wenxuecity Review Verdict 

You may check if Wenxuecity is legitimate by using the techniques listed below.

Do A Name Search For The Website Address.

Verifying that you’re looking at the appropriate website and using the correct URL is critical. Similar domain names to prominent websites are sometimes used to lure consumers into fraud and phishing attempts.

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Use a “Whois Lookup.”

The age of a domain name can tell you if a site is legitimate or a swindler’s ploy to get you to part with your money.

A registrar website like offers a “Whois Lookup,’ which may be used to discover the age of a domain name;

This will tell you more about the website, such as who registered it, how long it’s been up and running, and where it is physically located.

You should check the “Privacy Policy” twice.

Users may usually find information on the storage, protection, and use of their data in the privacy policy section of most reputable websites.

When making purchases or handing out personal information, it’s critical to read the terms and conditions page on each website to ensure you understand what you’re signing up for.

Look For Any Connected Profiles On Social Media.

An active social media presence and some frequent engagement on the web are signs of a credible business. You can determine if a firm is active or not by looking at the number of links it has on its website.

Examine The Contact Information On The Website.

To get in touch with a firm, look for information on how to do so on the contact page and elsewhere on the website.

If there is only one choice or the website appears spammy, it’s better to avoid it. A physical address, a phone number, an email address, or a live chat feature should all have a minimum of two.


Several years ago, Wenxuecity was launched. The longer a website has been around, the more likely it is to be legitimate. However, the website’s antiquity does not ensure its quality.

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There have been instances where fraudsters have purchased existing domain names and started their harmful practices. As a result, we can’t say for certain whether or not the site is legitimate or fake. 

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