Is Uubuzz Legit Or A Scam? Review

⚠️Is Uubuzz Legit Or A Scam Review⚠️

We understand that you’re looking to find a review to know whether Uubuzz ecommerce store is a scam or legit. Well, you are not alone, but the good news is that you’re in the right place to stop your worries.

But the surprising thing is that almost everyone in the United States makes purchases online almost every day, so it’s very crucial to research any e-store that looks shady while dealing with the public.

In fact, many citizens, including us, have wasted a lot of hard-earned money on ecommerce stores just like Uubuzz to have our purchases shipped to our homes, but it ended up being a waste of time and money.

So read on and let’s walk you through everything you need to know about Uubuzz ecommerce stores, so that you can find out if they’re scam or legit. This is the only Buzz Honest review you can find in the whole of the internet space.

What Exactly Is Uubuzz and What Does It Do?

Uubuzz is a questionable fashion company that promises a wop of over 50% OFF on every item of men’s or women’s wear you order on its website.

The surprising part is that these items are found on many other websites under different names. Even though they claim to have a good policy, the product ratings are poor, and refunds are not issued. Don’t trust them. Be cautious.


The company deals in men’s and women’s wear, but their reviews of their products are just good enough for you to trade with this company.

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They have listed the same product with different names on different websites, which is a red flag and shady practice. So be careful with this website.

Refund Policy

The company does not have a refund policy for customers, even though they claim otherwise, so by implication, they do not make refunds. Another red alert, so be very careful with this company.

Reviews and ratings

The company has extremely poor reviews and ratings across the internet and offline. I spoke with a few people about their experience with Uubuzz and they all claim the company is a scam.

I ordered two pairs of jeans from the site but returned them after discovering they were shady. I quickly asked for a refund, which was not given up till this date. The image above is their trustpilot ratings.

A Warning To All Buyers

Uubuzz fashion and designers is a questionable company, even though they claim to be domiciled in the U.S. I strongly advise that you stay clear from them.

From our research about the company, they’re not trustworthy for making any financial transactions with them.

I strongly recommend you look for an alternative trusted fashion company to make your purchases from and don’t be carried away with the flashy discount on their website.

My Uubuzz Review Verdict:

By American standards, Uubuzz is a scam company. This judgement is based on their practices and precedents with customers.

They are not sincere and lack honesty. Please stay away and do not buy from Uubizz or do any transactions with them because they are scammers.

Finally, the Uubuzz e-commerce store is not legit and should be avoided at all costs. It is great to know that the company is currently shut down. We will keep you in touch if they come back to life.

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I hope this Uubuzz review is helpful to you. If you agree or disagree with whatever I have to say about this company, Please kindly share your experience with the company in the comment section below.

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